Hitman developer Io Interactive is set to host a live stream later this week on June 7 which many suspected was more content for the game. Turns out it’s a new Hitman game altogether.

After teasing a Hitman-related reveal for some time, things seemed to come to a head when Io Interactive announced that Warner Bros. would be holding a live stream on June 7. There has been chatter that Io Interactive have been preparing another season of content for the game now they’ve got themselves a new publishing partner, but that might not be the case at all.

Io Interactive’s tweet directed players to a web page in which they can watch the live stream, however said web page also had a lovely big logo for Hitman 2, that was before Warner Bros. removed it.

It’s unclear right now whether Hitman 2 is a new game entirely, or whether that’s Io’s name for the second season of content. The latter would of course make more sense because the base Hitman game is pretty solid.

Either way, head on over to Warner’s live stream on June 7 to see what the fuss is all about.

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