Titans Special #1

It’s nearly Wednesday and were now in the Summer, the big story events are cooking and the books are a coming. So what I’m looking at this week?

Honestly, I shouldn’t really be looking at anything since I’m still working my way through the mountain of comics I bought from MCM London back in May.

Though I can’t resist a good special issue and the summer is going to be packed with them like every year. The special I’m looking forward to is part of the Titans series and in case you didn’t know, it’s published by DC Comics and is one of the original Rebirth titles that setup during the tale of the New 52 era.

The Titans are a superhero team of young adults who were the founding Teen Titans who decided they enjoyed each others company so much, they’d stay together as a team. Notable members include Nightwing who was Robin when he was a Teen Titan, Wally West, AKA Kid Flash and Wondergirl AKA Donna Troy.

The team went on a slight hiatus after reforming after an adventure restored their memories of them actually being Teen Titans, but now they are back.

In the wake of the Metal and No Justice story events the book has been slapped with the cliche ‘new direction’ strapline.

So you may be wondering why I’m so interested to read it, I think it’s mostly because it’s a chance to dip into the book and see if it’s any good, plus I’m roughly the same age as these characters.

With them being the same age it should make the book quite relatable just how a lot of teenage dudes found Peter Parker so relatable back in the day. Every so often, I do try with a Teen Titans or Titan book and see if it’s any good or just to see if I’m missing out on anything good.

So if you fancy trying something a little different, give this a read I suppose.

Titans Special #1 is now available in comic book stores and digital platforms like Comixlogy at around £2.99 and roughly $3.99 in the US.

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