A new developer diary for Jurassic World Evolution came out recently which shows off more of the gameplay for the upcoming game.

The dev diary entry is called “Working With Dinosaurs,” and it shows off just some of the features that players will be able to use during the course of the game. One such feature is bioengineering, meaning that a player will have to gather the “building blocks” for each dinosaur. That is, expeditions to dig sites are necessary to gather fossils and genetic material. You also need enough genetic material to create any given dino, meaning that you may have to send out a few expeditions. Gaps in the DNA can also be filled with modern-day reptilian DNA, species chosen by the player.

Nick Rodgers, head of animation, reminds potential players that the dinosaurs will have “quite complex natural needs“–obviously, you’ll need to be feeding and watering your scaly friends. But you might also discover that “some dinosaurs don’t like to be in a pen with other dinosaurs” while some have “a social need… where they need to be around other dinosaurs of the same type.” Carnivores also feel the instinctive urge to hunt, rather than be simply fed. Unaccommodated needs will result in dinosaurs testing boundaries and potentially getting out to wreak havoc on park guests and handlers. And you’ll have to take care of the situation effectively, or things will continue to get worse.

Don’t be a Nedry.

Mike Brookes, designer for the game, reminds us that it’s important to remember that all dinosaurs are lethal to the humans around them, regardless of size or species. Case in point being that velociraptors are the smallest dinosaurs in the game, but as any Jurassic Park series fan can tell you, they are one of the most lethal in the park. And even a mild-mannered herbivore can be dangerous when agitated thanks to its size, even though it’s got no interest in human additions to its daily menu.

Successes in the game will lead to new dinosaurs becoming available, which will increase island and dinosaur ratings, and building both of those aspects up will unlock even more extras.

Although a full list of dinosaurs has not been released yet, velociraptors have been mentioned by name, and this particular video shows footage of spinosaurs, triceratops, brachiosaurs, a tyrannosaurus rex, and possibly some apatosaurs or diplodocus.

You may watch “Working With Dinosaurs” below.

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Jurassic World Evolution will be available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC starting June 12.

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