Boss Key Productions’ failed hero shooter, LawBreakers, is finally going free to play, publisher Nexon has announced, ahead of its closure this September.

LawBreakers launched on PC and PlayStation 4 last year and quickly became a bit of a dud. With no more than a couple hundred players the week after launch, the game just couldn’t quite escape its comparisons to Overwatch.

Eventually Nexon, the game’s publisher, scrubbed off the game in its annual earnings report which was quickly followed by its developer ditching the game and working on a new, equally bad title, Radical Heights.

Many players called for Nexon or Boss Key to make the game free-to-play as it might encourage people to play more, but alas this didn’t happen and all support for the game was dropped and eventually Boss Key Productions closed its doors.

Now it seems the game is being closed for good, but not before one last hurrah as the game is going free-to-play on PC and then being fully shuttered in September.

“In light of the unfortunate news regarding Boss Key Productions shutting down, we regret to announce that we will be sunsetting our support of LawBreakers on September 14, 2018 as we are not able to operate the game,” Nexon said in a statement.

“Our servers will remain open until then and the game will be made free-to-play on Steam for all players effective immediately. Please note that any and all new in-game purchases will also be disabled and we will not be able to accept any refund requests.”

Had this been done sooner, there’s a chance that Boss Key might still be a studio and LawBreakers could have become the hardcore shooter it hoped to be. Maybe in another timeline?

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