Microsoft has announced plans to bring back one of their most iconic products, the IntelliMouse, considered one of the first gaming mice of its time.

Before the mid-to-late 90s original computer mice worked by having a large rubber ball rolling on the tabletop surface which would in turn roll two (or more) wheels within the mouse itself. They were functional, but would often get full of dirt that would clog up and make using the mouse awkward.

Then the optical mouse came along, and one of the first to really take off was Microsoft’s IntelliMouse a fairly simplistic mouse with an optical sensor offering not just the usual three-button configurations but an additional two buttons located on the side. This mouse quickly became regarded as one of the best gaming mouses of its time, and as the mouse was revised, the product line ended with the IntelliMouse Explore 3.0.

Now Microsoft is bringing the IntelliMouse back with the launch of the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse. This mouse is inspired from its 2003 cousin offering the same ergonomic look and feel, but with added benefits such as improved performance and some additional buttons.

Overall improvements with the Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse include the tracking sensor and tactility of the buttons. In addition, under the hood has been completely reworked too and structurally, the mouse is built much better. They’ve also added three Kailh switches for the middle wheel button and side buttons. Overall though, it looks and feels almost identical to its 2003 counterpart.

Simon Dearsley, Devices Design Director at Microsoft spoke a little about the reason for bringing back the iconic mouse over on Microsoft’s blog:

“The timing of the release of the Classic IntelliMouse is really interesting. We’ve reached a point where tracking and switch technology and price has matured immensely. We saw this as an opportunity to improve on an icon by updating it with modern technology. We know how important the IntelliMouse range has been and wanted to take a moment to reflect on the history of it and do something special for our fans.”

The Microsoft Classic IntelliMouse is available now through the Microsoft Store and select retailers for $39.99/£39.99/ €44.99.

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