Yesterday, Marvelous posted a new trailer for their upcoming game Little Dragons Café.

We start off with some nice shots of the world and some of the monsters that one can encounter (along with the super-cute Japanese logo). The trailer is in Japanese so all of the information we hear isn’t totally clear, but it appears to be an explanation of the game’s story: a woman runs a café with her two children, until one day when she falls into a deep sleep that she can’t be awoken from. We then see what appears to be cutscene and then in-game footage as the siblings take care of customers.

We then get a bit more of the story in a mysterious old man that appears with an egg. Inside is a dragon who must be raised properly, which will break the mysterious sleeping spell. We then see the dragon that comes out eating and playing with his human friends, as well as his interactions with the siblings outside of the café.

Little Dragon's Cafe Screenshot

Recently the means of obtaining recipes and recipe items for the café were discussed, and the next part of the trailer appears to show players harvesting, foraging, and fishing for such things.

We also get to see the dragon’s means of obtaining such items. We also get to see some character interactions, though of course being untranslated it’s more of a fun clip show than anything else.

You may watch the trailer below.

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Although the trailer lists August 30 as the release date, that is only the date for Japan. Little Dragons Café will be released on August 24 in both America and Europe. The game will be available for both the Nintendo Switch and the PlayStation 4, and there will also be a limited edition version of the game with extra goodies for both systems.

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