Bugbear Entertainment have released a brand new trailer for their upcoming destruction racer, Wreckfest, to celebrate a week before launch.

Wreckfest is set to launch out of Early Access on June 14 and to celebrate a chaotic new trailer has been released showing how far the game has come along since its alpha launch in 2014. The new trailer also comes along side some information about the game’s release, specifically the rise in price once it “launches”.

Currently Wreckfest is available for £24.99 however when the game launches on June 14 it’ll rise up to €44,99 / £38,99 / $44,99.

“With the end of the Early Access, Wreckfest is now the racing game developer Bugbear was aiming to make over the past 5 years,” said Bugbear in a press release. “It was not without the help of all the passionate Early Access Players, the long lasting support, the feedback and the faith, that this could be accomplished. So a big ‘Thank you!’ goes out to every single player and those who wrote a comment or participated in the surveys.”

Bugbear has also clarified that when the game launches, the so-called Backer Car will make it into the game for backers of the game and will no longer be available to purchase. In addition, the game’s Deluxe Edition will go offline for a short period. When it returns it’ll include a unique car, the game’s soundtrack, and an exclusive wallpaper.

Finally, the developer will be holding a live stream of the game on June 7. Titled The Incredible Wreckfest Headliner World Tour 2018, the live stream will begin on 7PM GMT / 8 PM CEST for Europe and 6 PM PST / 9 PM EST for U.S., it’ll feature around 40 international streamers, details of whom can be found on the game’s steam page.

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Wreckfest launches on PC on June 14 followed by an Xbox One and PS4 release in November.

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