Orphan Age developers Studio Black Flag have released a meaty gameplay trailer for their upcoming dystopian life-sim game.

In most dystopian games, players focus on the soldiers who are usually fighting against a much bigger organisation which has brought war to their land. Orphan Age on the other hand looks past the soldiers and focuses on the children left behind in the urban wasteland.

Players are encouraged to create their own society of children as they turn the war zone into a playground by scavenging resources such as furniture, food, and other items. However this isn’t The Sims, as the kids can become unruly depending on their age and some will find it tougher to survive. An example of this is shown in the game’s new trailer / walkthrough.

In the video, developer Adrien Forestier dives briefly into the character creation screen where players can choose their starting characters name, age, and traits. The younger the character the more difficult it will be to survive. Traits can also help survival and offer unique back stories to each characters too.

We also get a look at the game’s top-down visuals and the environments players will be surviving in. It’s definitely a good looking game, if not a little dark.

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Orphan Age is coming to PC in 2018 and currently has a Kickstarter campaign running that has reached its funding goal with less than 50 hours to go.

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