Any kid from the 90s will likely remember POGs, those little cardboard disks which were the cause for many an argument as one person takes an entire collection because they played “for keeps”. Now, it looks like they’re making a comeback, but for the 21st Century.

POGs Online is a brand new mobile game hoping to become a reality provided the game’s IndieGoGo campaign is raised. Compton Technology are looking to raise $50,000 to bring the nostalgic game back from the dead complete with the original POG license. Much like the game from the 90s, players can collect colourful discs and use a virtual Slammer to knock down their opponents stacks.

The mobile game will make the most of AR technology to allow players to scan real-world items (read: POGs) into the game to complete sets and unlock new content from within the app.

The campaign offers several pledges, including one that’ll reward players with a real-world limited edition Slammer which can be scanned to the app and used in-game. There are also POG t-shirts and other apparel, as well as the chance to have their own characters added into the game on their very own POG.

“I was a huge fan of POGs as a kid and put so much energy into cultivating my prized stack of discs! A group of friends and I were reminiscing about our favourite 90s games one evening and it sparked the idea to try and bring the game back, but this time making it digital,” said entrepreneur Sam Park, the brains behind the campaign.

“The new POGs game will be huge fun – combining the best of the original POGs craze with the most exciting modern-day tech such as AR. We’ve been working on this project for over a year and this crowd-funding campaign is the final piece in the puzzle needed to finalise the app build and release the game for people to enjoy. I can’t wait to get playing again!”

You can check out the campaign’s video below and head here to pledge and make this nostalgic game happen!

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