Gorillaz have released a brand new song, “Humility,” and a music video to go along with it which features some pretty interesting cameos.

The video mostly consists of 2D skating around Venice Beach in California, and Jack Black having a ball on guitar. We see Noodle in the periphery, playing a local in a game of chess, and at the very end of the video we see Russ, who trips 2D. But where’s Murdoc? And who’s that animated green dude on the basketball court?

It’s Ace. Ace, a villain from The Powerpuff Girls. He was (and technically still is, as he has been in episodes of the reboot) the leader of the Gangreen gang. He looks a little older than in the show, but it could be because his hair is pushed back, making him look as if he’s balding. His outfit is a bit different than that in the Cartoon Network cartoon, and he’s wielding a switchblade in the video, which is only used to pop a balloon. Ace is apparently moonlighting as leader of the Gorillaz following Murdoc’s most recent incarceration. The official Gorillaz newsletter has confirmed this.

Why Ace? Well, we’re not totally sure why. Some fans are speculating that it’s a nod and a wink back at the inclusion of a Gorillaz tour ad that can be seen on a newspaper in the 2002 Powerpuff Girls Movie. 2D has also been spotted wearing a Mojo Jo-Jo t-shirt before, but that art is definitely old, from the first album era. Ace has been featured in official promotional material over the course of May, such as art for a summer festivals schedule, which seems to suggest that whether we know why Ace was the top pick to replace Murdoc or not, Ace will be around for a while.

You may watch the music video for “Humility” below.

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Their latest album, The Now Now, will be released on June 29.

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