PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has staggeringly lost 50% of its player base on PC since January.

Back in January, the game reached a staggering 3.2+ million concurrent players on Steam. Since then, PUBG’s numbers have dwindled and dwindled month after month, with their concurrent players now sat at 1.7 million. Though an impressive number, it’s a 50% loss from it’s peak.

This news also comes at an interesting time, with PUBG Corp. announcing they had hit 400 million players across all platforms to date. The average amount of players has seen a similar drop, which can be clearly seen on sites like Steam Charts.

While not massively surprising as almost every game has drop offs as it progress through it’s lifecycle, PUBG has been somewhat of an outlier in the gaming industry and seems to break records left, right, and centre.

1.7 million players is still a massive number and PUBG Corp should be proud of it and players shouldn’t worry about increased queue times anytime soon.

Interestingly, to coincide with the player drop, PUBG has gone on sale for the first time in it’s lifecycle. Whether the sale will boost the numbers back up is a different matter.

PUBG is in no means the leader of the Battle Royale games to come out. Arguably they haven’t been for a while and as the market becomes more and more cluttered, will PUBG manage to maintain it’s market share, or will be start to see them start to be drowned out?

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