PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is apparently one of the most played game in the world, according to a press release sent out last night, boasting over 227 million monthly players.

The thing is, the media blast had a lot of numbers which frankly, don’t add up. So let’s kick off with the first bullet point, apparently PUBG has seen “over four-hundred million total players worldwide” this includes every platform the game can be found on, including Steam, Xbox One, iOS, Android, and stores such as kakao, DMM, and

The press release then goes on to state that more than 227 million players play the game per month, “making it one of the most played games in the world”. So (please) correct me if I’m wrong, that would mean that of the 400 million total players, only 227 come back each month to play the game.

So far, it makes sense. Not everyone who purchased or downloaded the game would have enjoyed the experience, so these numbers make total sense. But then the next figure is where it gets tricky.

“In addition to the over 50 million total units of PUBG sold across PC and Xbox One, PUBG draws over 87 million players each day.”

pubg screenshot

So what this says is that of the 400 million total players, only 50-something of those are sales on PC and Xbox One which would suggest that the remaining 350-ish total players were on other platforms, presumably mobile.

It’s worth noting that the mobile version of PUBG is free-to-play, which again could make sense as there are hundreds of millions of smartphones and tablets out there but that’s a pretty wild number by any account.

It seems very much to me that they’ve seen the numbers tossed out by Epic Games on Fortnite and wanted to release some numbers to one-up their main competitor. Assuming these numbers are accurate, it’s definitely an achievement, however they also reveal that over 173 million players played the game and never played it again.

In addition to the above numbers, PUBG Corp. has announced that the game will be going on sale for the first time on Steam at $19.99, a 33.3% discount. What’s more, the new, much smaller map now titled Sanhok will be launching on June 22.

What do you make of these numbers? Does it all make sense, or are they just chucking impressive-looking numbers out there to one-up Fortnite?

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