The new operators, Alibi and Maestro approach Rainbow Six: Siege's newest map, Villa.

Ubisoft have revealed all of the details for their next update for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Para Bellum, and here’s everything you need to know.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Para Bellum releases today! Thursday, June 7, more specifically:

  • PC – 13:00 UTC
  • PS4 – 14:00 UTC
  • XB1 – 15:00 UTC

Two defenders will be introduced with Para Bellum, Alibi and Maestro.

Alibi has 3 Prisma’s which is a throwable projector, that creates a replica of Alibi. If shot, they ping the shooter’s location for a few seconds. The hologram stands totally still and poses the same way each time. Due to the high pace of Rainbow Six: Siege, it can still be a challenge to decide whether a Prisma Alibi is not a threat and so will still catch people out. Alibi is a 3-speed, 1-armour operator.

Maestro has 2 Evil Eyes that can be secured to most walls, as Jaeger’s ADS are placed. They are cameras with near 180-degree vision and can see through smokes. They must be destroyed by an explosive, or Sledge’s hammer, as Thatcher’s EMPs only disable the camera for 10 seconds. The Evil Eye also has the ability to open its bulletproof face, and shoot at enemies, or, perhaps more importantly, drones dealing 5 damage per shot. It does overheat if used for too long.

While open, the Evil Eye is vulnerable to bullet damage, and Twitch’s Shock Drone, they are also vulnerable to a Dokkabei hack, which can be a problem for defenders to deal with as they must be destroyed by an explosive, a rather rare gadget for the defending team. Maestro is a true anchor, due to his 1-speed, 3-armour, but also because of his LMG, a first for a defender, meaning he can hold attackers at bay by simply spraying down entryways.

There is a new map called Villa, it’s a lavish house, filled with rare artwork. In terms of layout, there are a whole host of long corridors, wide staircases, hatches and destructible floors which, after Tower, is apparently not a given in Rainbow Six Siege maps. Club House has also seen a “map buff” with the ladder to the catwalk being removed from Garage in favour of a staircase, all hatches on the roofs have been removed, Cash room has no window facing catwalk from construction, there is now a room connecting Master bedroom and Cash room. Finally, the bar area has been reworked with the pool table now being contained in an adjacent, separate room and the middle wall in Bar has been extended.

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Tower has also been removed from the Ranked game mode, and will now reside solely in Casual.

There have been a few tweaks to existing operators. Echo has an additional Yokai Drone that can be used while the other is out in the map. Teammates can also now view the cameras, and ping enemy locations. All 3-speed, 1-armour operators have been slowed slightly, with 1-speed, 3-armour operators now being slightly faster. Twitch’s Shock Drone can now be seen by other attackers and can be used to “ping” enemies.

Pick and Bans have been added to custom games and will be used in the new, 6 month long Pro League season. In total, 4 Operators will be banned, for both teams, for the game, meaning both Hibana and Thermite could be banned and no hard walls would be breached. There is no sign whether this will be added to the Ranked game mode.

Frost, Doc, Mute, Castle, Caveria and Vigil have been given access to a new bulletproof camera, with the first 4 operators losing their deployable shield, and the final 2 losing their barbed wire. The bulletproof camera cannot be shot in its “front plate” and is, again, mounted similarly to Jaeger’s ADS gadget. The gadget can, however, be destroyed when shot, or shocked by Twitch’s shock drone, from the side or melee’d. The camera ignores all types of smokes and all operators visible will be a bright white and can be hacked by Dokkabei. As with Valkyrie cameras, now Echo’s Yokai drones and regular CCTV cameras, enemies can be “pinged” by those watching the cameras.

Operation Para Bellum has brought about a major overhaul to the dropshotting mechanic that has plagued the community for a long while. Now, when a player prones while shooting they will no longer be able to aim down sights, decreasing the accuracy of the shooter greatly. Praise be.

There have also been multiple UI changes across the game that will be immediately obvious when you jump in a game. Thatcher is also getting an elite skin, which might tickle your fancy.

There’s loads of new stuff. Get all your errands done before the new season drops!

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