The pun-ishingly named Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered has finally had a release date set in stone. July 3 is when we can hop back in to the massively destructible open world of Mars, hammers at the ready.

The remake of the 2009 reboot of Red Faction, I mean for all purposes it’s a reboot, boasts fully reworked graphics, improved lighting, improved shadow rendering and reworked shaders. THQ Nordic is also claiming some impressive stats, with it supposedly running 1800p at 60 FPS on Xbox One X, with 1080p at 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 and 1500p at 60 FPS on PlayStation 4 Pro. Whether this will actually be true or not, only time will tell.

Taking place 50 years after the original Red Faction blew a hole in the world, you play as Alec Mason as he indulges his destructive tendencies, and yours, while aiding a revolt against the Earth Defence Force on Mars. As Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Tered will feature massive destruction in an open world setting, I’m sure we’ll see people tanking their consoles with millions of particle effects.

THQ Nordic have also announced that if you already owned the 2009 version of Red Faction Guerrilla on Steam, then you’ll automatically be upgraded to the Re-Mars-Tered (kill me) version of the game for free!

Are you guys excited to smash yourself a massive hole in Mars on July 3? Let us know in the comments below!

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