At an announcement at (you guessed it) E3 2018, Capcom have announce that the Resident Evil 2 Remake is going to be released on January 25, 2019.

The original Resident Evil 2, released way back in 1998, is still regarded by many as one of the finest entries in the series. Of course, these people have their nostalgia goggles firmly embedded in their skulls, as to go back and play the game now you will notice many glaring flaws. The game controls like arse, the camera angles can be incredibly irritating and the game looks like it’s being run on a particularly low-tech toaster. Still, the game has a brilliant atmosphere, a story that is entertaining, and many memorable monsters and bosses. This is definitely a case where a remake is actually a decent idea, as all the trappings of modern gaming might just polish Resident Evil 2 into being a truly fantastic game.

Capcom actually have a good track record in this area; back in 2002, they released a remake for the original Resident Evil. This took the plot and setting of the original, and added a whole host of gameplay improvements, dressed it up with (contemporarily) modern graphics and piled a whole bunch more enemies and mechanics onto it to boot. The resulting Resident Evil Remake was truly wonderful, improving on the original entirely, to the point that there really is no reason to play the original any more. Besides the voice acting, of course.

So, good news for Resident Evil fans. Though, like any fan-base, there have already been complaints. Many have been pointing to protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield resembling the anime version of those creepy realistic Simpson’s images. It’s true, they look a bit weird, but then again their 1998 counterparts looked like little cardboard cutouts coloured in with crayons, so it’s not really a step down.

Check out the trailer below if you are interested. If not, why are you still reading this? Get back to work!

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