This week Electronic Arts brought the servers for Skate 3’s multiplayer back online and everyone is going mad expecting another Skate to be announced.

Usually when the online services for a video game are shut down, that usually means the end of the game’s life cycle. Sometimes it happens too soon, others, not soon enough. However it’s fairly unusual for a games whose servers have been shut down to come back online.

That’s exactly what has happened to Skate 3, as earlier this week the game’s multiplayer servers went back online. An odd occurrence usually, but with E3 2018 just around the corner (and EA’s showcase taking place this Saturday, June 9) everyone is expecting the company to announce Skate 4.

Skate 4 has been something players have been clamouring for, for a long, long time and we’re pretty sure EA knows it. Just head to any of the company’s Instagram posts to find the comments absolutely flooded with “Skate 4”. There’s demand there, and EA would be dumb not to act on it.

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