Sony has released the first trailer for their upcoming Spider-man animation, Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse.

Two Spider-man movies in a row? Wow, someone must have appeased Mephisto for this to be going down. It’s kind of a unique Spider-man one as well. For one reason, it’s because it’s the first Spider-man movie that where Peter Parker isn’t Spider-man. No, it’s Mile Morales, the Spider-man who took over from Peter Parker after he died.

Also, it’s the first animated Spider-man movie, bring motionless comic book art to life. So, what is the Spider-verse? Well, it’s like a multiverse, a collection of different universes where spider character exists.

It looks like Miles encounters an older version of Peter Parker from another world as Miles struggles with his new powers and responsibility. Will over spider-people turn up? I kind of hope so, since one has turned up already (watch right until the end).

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Can Spider-man save the day? Of course, he can, but watch him do it at Christmas when it hits theatres.

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