IDW Publishing has announced that they’re about to boldly go where no one has gone before with Star Trek vs. Transformers.

Set your phasers to “knock out a big robot” as the crew of the Enterprise takes on the robots in disguise in a brand new comic book series. Two worlds will clash, though not the two that you expected. No, the Kelvin Timeline (the new Star Trek movies) and the Michael Bay Transformers won’t meet.

If you were thinking that the expanded Star Trek universe and the IDW comics are going to meet, think again.

No, the animated Star Trek series is going to clash with the classic 1980s Transformers or at least a world based on both. So many questions will have to be answered like, does Kirk-fu work on robots? What’s faster? The Enterprise or Starscream?

Could the Borg interact with The Transformers leading to a deadly evolution of the race of cyborgs? Who would win a dance-off Bumblebee or Sulu?

Grab your com badge and tuck your trousers into your boots when Star Trek vs. Transformers #1 hits in September.

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