Street Fighter 5 will be joining the loot box world, as of June 25. Included as part of a large new update, loot boxes will be made a part of Survival mode.

With the introduction of a new system dubbed ‘Fighting Chance’, Menant, one the characters added in Season 2, has opened up a shop to tell you your fortune. By dropping 500 of your well earned fight money, you get a Fantasy Fortune Reading that Menat will decioher for you. The readings are the loot box, and they contain a multitude of items, with some being exclusive to the Fighting Chance system.

Items will include Battle Goods, which will increase your chance of completing Survival Mode, exclusive colours that can only be obtained via Fantasy Fortune Readings, classic art from across the whole series and, what could be a blessing or a curse, exclusive costumes that will only be available in Fantasy Fortune Readings.

Street Fighter 5 Screenshot

On of the exclusive costumes will be Cammy’s Cannon Spike costume, pictured above. Capcom, thankfully, have said that more will be added to the system as time goes on.

Thankfully, as the Fantasy Fortune Readings only contain costumes and items for Survival Mode, there’s nothing to mess with the balance of any of the multiplayer. While you can only buy Fantasy Fortune Readings with Fight Money, can’t actually buy Fight Money with any real world currency, players have still lashed out at the inclusion. This response is almost definitely due to the stigma around loot boxes that was generated by last years Star Wars Battlefront 2 shitstorm.

Will the inclusion of loot boxes drive you back to Street Fighter 5, or will it simply drive you away? Let us know in the comment section below!

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