The Creative Assembly, the team responsible for Total War and Alien: Isolation, are hiring for a brand new IP.

While they haven’t named the IP currently, Creative Assembly have been very clear that it’s for a tactical first-person shooter. This is obviously a vast departure from the Total War series they’re known for.

The Careers page is filled with roles for the enigmatic new IP, ranging from lead environment artist, lead UI artist and animators, to name but a few. There’s no mention of consoles in the job listings, but it’s safe to assume that the shooter will be available on consoles come release.

Specifically name dropping Alien: Isolation in the job ad seems a little strange, though maybe it’s possibly hinting that the new IP won’t be your typical shooter. Hopefully it brings something unique to the table.

While news is thin on the ground, it’s always exciting when there’s talk of a fresh IP.

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