20th Century Fox has released another trailer for the upcoming The Predator reboot giving us another look at the invisible killer.

The Predator has returned and this time getting to the chopper won’t save you this time. How dangerous is the galaxy’s most lethal warrior is you’ve upgraded them?

Well, that seems to be the premise for The Predator which sees the iconic aliens returning with their DNA now meshed together with different species. So that does lead to the question, what is more lethal? A Predator fused with a Xenomorph or the most lethal creature in the animal kingdom, The Honey Badger.

That’s right, your average garden variety Predator has come to Earth to find out its species. Oh, and its previous visits have made quite an effect on the US Intelligence Community.

I’m sure they would enjoy that if they weren’t supposed to throw down with a new evolved Predator that looks like a Predator who has taken the Super Soldier Serum from Captain America.

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The Predator returns in September and this time nothing will make you a sexual Tyrannosaurus.

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