To Hell With Hell is an upcoming bullet-hell roguelike from Lazurite Games and published by Deck13. It’s set to hit Early Access on July 19.

Retro bullet-hell roguelikes, gaming world is full of them, some bad, some good. But none of them have the main character dashing about in a bikini, right? Well, in comes Lazurite Games with their debut title, To Hell With Hell that’ll have players taking the role of Natasia, a stripper who happens upon the apocalypse on the way to work.

Now, it’s up to Natasia to escape from Hell by any means possible and that means by kicking some demon ass. But don’t worry, you’ll be able to cover yourself up eventually… with masks! These masks transform Natasia into an array of different things from knights, demons, and clowns.

To Hell With Hell will also feature hundreds of weapons including a unicorn, apparently. If you don’t believe me, check out the game’s announcement trailer below:

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