Trove, Trion Worlds’ voxel MMO has received a brand new expansion this week, Geode, which brings a brand new planet to players as well as a battle royale mode, Bomber Royale.

Geode is set to bring a brand new planet to the game which will offer players an almost-endless network of caves to explore, that includes all-new collectibles and companions. The expansion also delivers a handful of story-driven quests through the tunnels as players climb new levels of Mastery.

As you’d expect there are plenty of rewards on offer that’ll have players further customising their styles with mounts, costumes, hats, and much more. There’ll also be eggs for players to collect that’ll eventually hatch into new companions for players. This is just the beginning for Geode as players’ missions to save the planet will continue later this year.

Finally, Trove will be jumping on the battle royale trend with Bomber Royale, a new mode that’ll have up to 20 players battling it out free-for-all style with a series of different bombs at their disposal to become the last man standing.

Trove Geode’s Story trailer can be found below:

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