The Crew 2 is set to get plenty of support from Ubisoft once the game launches on June 29 including free and premium updates.

Ubisoft has announced that’ll be adding “significant new content through regular updates” following the launch of The Crew 2. The publisher also revealed the Season Pass for the game which will be available along side the game as well as included in the Gold and Motor Edition of the game.

These “major free updates” will come every three months, bringing plenty more to the massive open world. Ubisoft teases that new disciplines, modes, and features are among the few things planned for the future. They also revealed details on the first major update titled Gator Rush.

Coming September, 2018, Gator Rush will introduce the Hovercraft for the game allowing players to bounce their way across various surfaces and playgrounds. It’ll also bring five completely new games to the line-up as well as a new “Legendary” rarity level on parts. Players can also expect smaller updates each month that’ll introduce two new vehicles each time.

The second major update, due in December, is set to bring a new PvP mode, though details are still to come.

“Continuous expansion and renewal has always been at the core of our vision for the franchise,” said Ahmed Boukhelifa, Ivory Tower Managing Director. “For players, this means they will always find new activities and things to discover – or re-discover from another perspective.”

As for the game’s Season Pass, players who purchase will receive three exclusive vehicles:

  • Porsche 911 TURBO 3.6

In addition, they’ll receive a week’s early access to the monthly added vehicles, a total of 22 are planned over the course of the Season Pass. The pass also includes one exclusive house location as well as two exclusive outfits and a VIP 20 percent discount will be offered on the game’s store.

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