Today at Unite Berlin, Unity‘s annual expo, the company announced a partnership with Google Cloud which hopes to make development of multiplayer and other online games simpler.

The two companies plan to collaborate on a suite of open source tools to aid the creation of games which feature multiplayer and online aspects, from first person shooters, to MMOs. The idea behind this partnership is to give the ability of teams both small and large to build stable multiplayer games.

This suite is set to feature tools such as server hosting and matchmaking features compatible with both Unity (of course) and Google Cloud. What’s more, it won’t require extensive knowledge of cloud technology either making it possible for developers to put multiplayer in their titles.

“We’re proud of the many Unity developers that collectively produce more than half the world’s games,” said John Riccitiello, Chief Executive Officer, Unity Technologies. “Multiplayer games have long been the fastest-growing type of games. Multiplayer games are also the most challenging to create and properly support. Our alliance with Google Cloud will help developers build multiplayer games more easily and operate them more cost-effectively, at a global scale.”

Unity will release a fully managed version of the open source matchmaking project, integrated with the Unity development environment and running on Google Cloud. As well as this, Unity themselves intend to migrate its own infrastructure to Google Cloud.

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