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In news that comes as a slight surprise considering the recent stand Valve took on “Erotic” games last month, they have now announced that they will stop policing the content released on its digital distribution platform, Steam.

Announced via a a lengthy blog post from Valve’s Erik Johnson, we’re treated to an inside look at the companies struggle to decide who gets to be on Steam.

“We’ve decided that the right approach is to allow everything onto the Steam Store, except for things that we decide are illegal or straight-up trolling,” Johnson wrote. “Taking this approach allows us to focus less on trying to police what should be on Steam and more on building those tools to give people control over what kinds of content they see.”

With this new policy, Steam will become a pseudo digital Wild West, with all manner of games rolling in. Valves only stance is that if your game has “illegal” or “straight-up trolling” content, then you won’t be welcome on their storefront.

Valve has been lax in actually monitoring content released on it’s store in the past, with games “launching” without even having the necessary executable to even start the game, so the idea of even less curation is a worry.

Johnson also goes on to state that “The Steam Store is going to contain something that you hate and don’t think should exist… If you see something on Steam that you think should not exist, it’s almost certain that someone at Valve is right there with you.” Which is telling of the potential wasteland Steam is about to become. Though promise of smarter tools to show you the content you actually want to see and less of the stuff you don’t inspires some hope, Valves tools tend to drop the ball more often than not.

Storefronts like will almost certainly see a rise in users due to this announcement, as GoG actually curate, patch and make sure all the games on their service ACTUALLY work.

How do you guys feel about this change in stance? Will it lead us into a new prosperous PC promised land, or is there going to be a massive backpedal after Steam gets flooded with awful “games” in a bid to host the edgiest content. Let us know in the comments below!

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