Warface is set to make its way back to consoles later this year with a planned Xbox One and PS4 release, publisher My.com has announced.

Warface has been coming along leaps and bounds since My.com’s acquisition of Crytek’s free-to-play shooter with the PC version getting a number of big updates and improvements and now they’ve got their sights set on a console release.

This news might sounds familiar to some and that’s because Warface previously found its way to Xbox 360 in 2014 only to be canned a few months later. With Crytek running into a spot of trouble last year many wondered what was in store for Warface. Fortunately My.com stepped in and the game has been coming along well ever since.

Coming later this year players can expect to find Warface on Xbox One and PS4 in Closed Beta. From here the publisher says that they have plenty of free content updates after release.

For those who don’t know, Warface offers both competitive and co-op game modes for players to dive into. On the competitive side, the usual suspects are there, with a CS:GO-style bomb defence mode, an objective-defence “Storm” mode, and of course the recent addition of Battle Royale.

Check out the console announcement trailer below:

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Players interested in the closed beta can sign up over on the game’s website.

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