Recently, Warner Bros. Animation announced that a new Looney Tunes project is currently underway.

It seems that the show will consist of the classic “short” form, anywhere from one to six minutes each. Each short will be written and drawn by cartoonists, which will allow their “own personality and style to come through in the cartoon.” This is very much in line with the golden age Looney Tunes cartoons, where an observant viewer can usually identify the artists and writers involved just from watching.

Warner Bros. have said that they’re making 1000 minutes of new shorts per season. The series is said to have a higher budget than the norm for modern-day cartoons. In charge of this new project are Warner Brothers Animation and Warner Digital Series president Sam Register and Uncle Grandpa creator Pete Browngardt, with no word yet on who the cartoonists involved could or will be.

The new Looney Tunes series will be available in digital, mobile, and broadcast forms starting sometime in 2019.

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