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Westworld Season 2 Finale “The Passenger” Review

After a season full of repetition and retreading familiar plot points and themes, it’s ironic, and rather frustrating, that Westworld‘s season finale was so convoluted.


So… what the fuck actually happened in the finale??

Once you sift through all the twists and turns of this labyrinthine episode, basically a few major things happened, while the rest was just there to satiate our thirst for action and jaw dropping moments. Whether this episode was meant to intentionally be confusing or that’s just how it turned out due to the “clever” script, this hour and a half finale was rather hard to follow. I’m sure there are some of you out there that had no problem following the incessant back and forth between the two timelines drawing ever closer to each other, but for the majority of us it was just way more complex than it needed to be.

Yes, Westworld has built itself around multiple timelines and crazy plot twists that keep us coming back for more. Sadly, it feels like this finale was SO focused on confusing its audience that it failed to deliver much of a cohesive ending. Instead, we’re left with, yet again, more questions than answers.

The good news? With how the show left us, there is room for basically anything to happen in the coming season(s).  Delores and Bernard seem to be the few remaining, host, survivors, and as Delores so eloquently put it, her and Bernard are tethered together until one, or both, of them meet’s their demise. This promise of constant conflict between two formidable Hosts is extremely exciting, and now, without the constraints of being in the park, this plot has the chance to go wherever it pleases. On top of that, Felix and Sylvester were tasked with “salvaging” the lesser damaged Hosts! This easily signals the return of some fan favorites, so don’t cry for Maeve and company yet.

Westworld Season Finale Screen cap

Also.. is Stubbs (aka Baby Hemsworth) a fucking AI?! His subtle, yet not so subtle, conversation with Hale-Dolores made it seem like he was either Ford’s inside man or one of his favorite hosts. Lets be real, you don’t casually drop terms like “core drive” and “role” in a park built on those terms if you’re not somehow driven by them. Regardless, it’ll be interesting to see where that little conversation takes him in Season 3.

Another burning question is who’s pearls did Dolores sneak out of the park?! An obvious, hopeful, guess would be Maeve and Bernard; maybe Hector and Armistice? As well as Abernathy’s control unit that was housing the “key”. The camera lingers on those hosts near the end of the episode, so that’s the primary cause for these hypotheses. They’re also characters that fans would most likely want to see come back for another season, obviously.

Also, also, when we see that Bernard has been “brought back”, Dolores is back in her new, old body, so who the fuck is in the Hale host now?? Dolores seems like the type of person..erm Host, to see the benefits of having a second copy of herself, or at least her consciousness, on standby in case something happens to her. Of course, there would also be benefits of having a mind controlled agent Hale at your disposal. Or maybe its a version of Maeve!? Obviously, any of these would be game changers and all of these would make Dolores a force to be reckoned with going into a new season.

Westworld Season Finale Screencap

It’s extremely ballsy for a show to kill off a majority of their primary cast just two seasons in. Bernard and Dolores are main stays apparently, but one can’t help but wonder where this show will go in it’s coming seasons and who will be revived, if anyone. As convoluted as things are, the show leaves itself with the chance to take things in entirely new directions, not just with its story but with its potential future cast. They have the freedom right now to either bring back old faces or introduce us to new ones. It isn’t a long shot to think that Ford may have released some sleeper-hosts into the real world. Perhaps Dolores either knows this or will figure it out and Season 3 will revolve around her dismantling human-run organizations from the inside.

It’s honestly all up in the air for the time being. It’s a shame that the show put confusing its audience ahead of its character driven stories for the finale, seeing as that’s where and when the show truly shines.

Regardless, there is still a TON of unresolved questions in the Westworld season finale. A big one being is William a host?!? And WHEN was William going into the Forge? Seeing as how him and Bernard never crossed paths when they were there. Just saying, it seems like we aren’t done with his story, even though I’m sure some of us want it to be done.

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