Don’t worry, society is not rebooting the cultural event that happens at the end of October… I’m talking about the Halloween movie reboot, the latest addition to the slasher franchise and why I’m really not that hyped.

The Halloween franchise is just like its main antagonist… it seems to keep dying and then comes back unexpectedly. In case you didn’t know, the Halloween film series is mostly about a seemingly indestructible killer called Michael Myers who has a thing for killing randy teenagers… especially Jamie Curtis.

I’ll admit I only watched the first one a couple of months ago and my only mistake was watching alone one night, then I thought I had nothing to fear since Micael Myers just likes offing randy teenagers.

Being vaguely aware of the Halloween franchise, I knew there were more sequels, but like most iconic movies the franchise becomes pretty so-so after the first one, if you’re lucky, the second one too. For reference, please see Alien, Robocop, and Pirates of the Caribbean.

In case you wondering, what my thoughts on Michael Myers were; My interpretation of the first one was that Michael Myers was the figment of a nightmare, a creepy entity that sails through the night of your unpleasant dreams, giving him a lack of explanation makes him more scary right? Like the fact he’s got the healing factor of Deadpool and Wolverine.

The strength and agility and cunning of a low voltage Batman and to top it off, the disturbing lust for murder. None of it’s explained in the first one and it’s one of the things that makes him so scary.

So, when I found out they were making a sequel that cancels out all the others ones and I saw the trailer and I was like… meh.

Halloween Reboot Screen Cap

I mean come on, is this really a good idea? I know we’re now in the middle of the blockbuster renaissance with franchises being brought back to life with varying success, but I don’t know about this one.

For one, the Halloween reboot is set almost 40 years after the original and in that time, Curtis’ character has become a hermit doomsday prepper waiting for the return of her would be killer.

So she’s all reclusive and seemingly an outcast… yet she’s managed to get married have kids that had grandkids. Sounds like the standard actions of a doomsday prepper.

Also, judging from the trailer were going to Star Wars Force Awakens reboot. Where the plot is basically a nostalgic tug on the feels as it basically copies the original.

I kind of want to see the Rob Zombie remakes and the original Halloween 2 out of curiosity but this new one just seems a little shallow but will be scary, but maybe that Force Awakens style revival won’t work a second time.

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