Hey looks, England has won a penalty shootout for the first time in the World Cup, though it’s not as interesting as a giant Spirit Bomb wiping out a super Android is it? That’s right, the general hype maybe England are doing well (A.K.A. Football’s Coming Home) in the global football tournament but darn it, why can’t it be cooler or just way, way nerdier?

I mean, maybe if all players got a Katana or got turned into a Transformer, maybe I would’ve liked playing it at school. Well, never fear! I’ve got four weird and nerdy ideas that be used to improve the ball kicking sport that all the “cool kids” tend to be good at… I don’t know why I mentioned this, I just thought it was a weird coincidence, that’s all.

Have everyone play in mecha suits…


That’s right, get the players geared up in some Iron-man style power armor and let them go around using their onboard supercomputers to find better ways to score goals. The only downside is that fouling well become a lot more violent with missiles and laser blasts becoming a lot more common.

Let’s just have Yu-Gi-Oh duels…


Give each player a Duel Disk and a deck and watch the mayhem take place. Imagine how irritated fans will get if that ball gets deflected last minute by Dark Magician, or when your goalkeeper accidentally gets sucked up in a trap card of a dark hole which accidentally set by a guy or girl on his own team?

Dragon Ball Style fight scenes…

Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

How about we train the squads in super hyper stylised kung fu. Teach them to interact with their Ki and maybe turn the football into an actual Dragon Ball, and you’ve got a game.

The only downfall is that 90 minutes came will turn into a 300 episode epic.

Each team has their own Lucha…

spider-man lucha

If we get in early, England could have Rey Mysterio as a coach on the team who could teach the players some epic Lucha moves. Maybe its ratings are down we could have a hell in a cell quarterfinal?

Can you think of over any nerdy ways to improve the World Cup? Why don’t you let us know in the comments!

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