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After 17 Years, Silent Hill 2 Still Holds Some Secrets


Video games sometimes offer years of content for players. They come packed with mysteries and secrets that can sometimes take years to unearth or decipher. Silent Hill 2 now joins that club.

It would seem that even after almost 2 decades, Silent Hill 2 still has some secrets embedded deep within the game! Twitter user @punk_7890 seems to have unearthed some unique features we haven’t seen before:

Apparently, after the player has completed the Dog Ending version of the game, these two features become available to them. One such feature is the ability for players to have use of a minimap. In order to unlock the minimap, the player must input this complex sequence of button commands…

“Make sure your controller type is set to 2 if you are playing on the international versions of the game. Finally, press the following buttons while you have control over your character: Start + L2 + Square + L3. You may need to first enter the inventory menu screen, exit, and while exiting hold Start button and then input the rest of the button sequence.”

Silent Hill 2 Screenshot

The other feature is the ability to save. ANYWHERE?!

“This hidden feature has a more complex set of button combinations that need to be input to bring up the save menu anywhere. Have control over your character, and then press the following buttons: D-Pad Left + Left Analog Stick Left + Right Analog Stick Left + L2 + L1 + L3.”

Now, the same codes have been tested on newer versions of Silent Hill 2, unfortunately, the codes will not work on the updated versions. It is intriguing though that after so many years the game still holds some secrets!

Are there any games you know some undisclosed secrets about? Doesn’t this make you want to revisit Silent Hill 2?! Let us know in the comments below!

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