Fans of the masterpiece Sci-fi Altered Carbon, got some awesome news recently when Netflix announced that it’s going to be getting a second season!

While the show’s first finale felt all wrapped up with a nice bow plot-wise, it’s not a surprise to see we’ll be getting another season considering how much people loved it.

Our hero Tak (Joel Kinnaman) may have solved the murder mystery he was investigating but since the books (written by Richard K. Morgan) of which the show are based on still have tons of plot to take inspiration from, we can expect an all-new adventure to delve into when season two comes around.

Besides the exact story-line for Altered Carbon season 2 being kept under wraps, another thing that fans are wondering is what will happen to the original cast. Since Marvel’s Anthony Mackie has officially been cast as the new lead, it begs the question what will happen to original characters like Poe and Ortega.

Stay tuned for more Altered Carbon news as it unfolds!

What are your season 2 theories? Let us know in the comments down below!

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