Tech company, Antstream, has today announced their self-titled retro game streaming service, which is set to bring classic games to TV, PC, and mobile for a simple monthly fee.

Antstream is another monthly subscription game streaming service which gives players unlimited access to a library of games they’d most likely forgotten about. Titles such as Kick Off, Gauntlet 2, Joe & Mac, and Stormlord will all be available on the service plus hundreds more.

The collection, according to a press release, is set to span games across Classic PC, Arcade, and Early Generation Console Games to these modern platforms. Unfortunately however we have no idea of the price. What we do know however is that Ian Livingstone CBE is chairman of the company.

“We see the future as bringing games to you on your device” says Antstream CEO, Steve Cottam. “Almost any book, music or movie is available to stream through services like Amazon, Spotify and Netflix, whereas most games have been lost as technology has moved on. Antstream enables decades of games to be brought back to life, with unique multiplayer challenges, achievements, leaderboards and modern control schemes.”

More details are expected to be revealed over the coming months. In the mean time head on over to Antstream‘s website.

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