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Batgirl may not Appear in Costume in ‘Birds of Prey’

An introduction to Barbara Gordon?

While little is known about the upcoming Harley Quinn x bad-chicks team-up movie, Birds of Prey, we can at least lay one rumor to rest.

Batgirl will NOT be in the upcoming DC movie. Don’t believe me? Check out the Tweet from The Wrap’s film reporter Umberto Gonzalez:

BAM! Told you.

The odd thing is the rumors of Batgirl’s appearance in Birds of Prey had come from credible sources. Batman-news.com claimed that this could be “big news if true”, stating that “Variety said” she would be a character in the film.  Just goes to show you can’t believe everything you read on the Internet.

Gonzalez yet again came to the defense of Variety, saying that while it wasn’t on the record, the wording he uses might be a hint at what we can expect:

So, to clear things up. No, Batgirl will not appear in Birds of Prey; But it still seems like a possibility that Barbara Gordon could still very much be a presence in the film. Whether she will appear as her other alter-ego, the Oracle or just regular Barbara Gordon remains to be seen. Again, this is assuming she will make an appearance at all.

While it would be cool to see someone from the Bat-family show up in the DC villainess mash-up, we might have to wait even longer before we are graced by a female bat presence in a DC movie.

Would you like to see Batgirl in the upcoming Birds of Prey, or would it not be a huge deal if she skipped this one? Let us know in the comments below, and for more news on DC’s Birds of Prey, be sure to check back with us here at n3rdabl3. We’ve got you covered!

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