Battle Royale titles are expected to make $20 Billion in 2019, a new report from SuperData Research has confirmed.

The Battle Royale hype train has erupted into the station with PUBG and Fortnite both erupting onto the scene and building upon the foundations laid by titles like Day Z and H1Z1. To put the timeframe into perspective, Fortnite is only just celebrating it’s 1 year anniversary next week.

The Report showcases the revenue earned by Battle Royale titles last year, a measly $1.7 Billion. This year alone that number is set to skyrocket to over $12 Billion. FUCK. ME. 2018 has undoubtedly been the year to hop on the Battle Royale train, with Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 both set to join the fray. We even saw some less mainstream attempts to hack the Battle Royale genre, with titles such as Radical Heights.

You can view the chart below. As you can see, Battle Royale titles are set to skyrocket even further. And for those wondering, this does include titles that are not purely focused on Battle Royale, so you can shove that ‘Battle Royale is a genre’ mentality.

Battle Royale Earnings Chart

There are some developers who are strongly against the Battle Royale train, but there are also those who are seeing it as a golden opportunity. Love it or hate it, it’s hard to argue against it. There’s money in the game mode.

You can read the report here. It’s very interesting and touches on the impact of Battle Royale on other games with regards to streaming.



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