Creator of Super Meat Boy and The Binding Of Isaac, Edmund McMillen, launched his Kickstarter campaign earlier this month for a The Binding Of Isaac card game. Titled The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls, the Kickstarter met it’s meagre $50,000 goal in it’s first few hours of going live.

Now, with only two weeks to go, The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls is sitting at a cool $1.2 million.

Four Souls is set to be a two to four player cooperative card game, with elements to mess with your friends. The starting characters include Cain, Isaac, Judas and Maggie from The Binding Of Issac series. Each character will have their own unique ability and will start with a different item.

Players are tasked with working together through the early stages of the game, as they must defeat bosses to earn souls. However, the first player to reach four souls wins, so players will end up using their strengths to defeat bosses, but to also defeat each other.

Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls Cards

McMillen is keen to make sure that The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls feels familiar to fans, but that it also stands on its own two legs.

“The card game is incredibly similar to the video game, except it doesn’t play like it at all,” McMillen said in the Kickstarter video. “It embodies what the game is, except it’s a multiplayer environment. It’s competitive, but a little cooperative and there’s a lot of betrayal involved. That’s stuff that doesn’t exist in the video game at all.”

As is standard with Kickstarters, there’s a multitude of stretch goals, including one where 21 parents aged 50 or over have to reach the Caves level in The Binding Of Isaac without any help. Naturally, video proof is required.

The Kickstarter for The Binding Of Isaac: Four Souls is set to end on 27 July and aiming to ship by November 2018.

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