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Check out 20 minutes of Anthem Gameplay!

After Bioware’s E3 2018 deep dive into the world of Anthem, it’s hard to not start getting excited for what this game could be. Like Destiny before it, Anthem is an ambitious MMO-Action RPG that looks to blur the lines between the two genres.

Since E3, Bioware has released a 20-minute gameplay video that lets you watch 4 freelancers go through an entire mission, called Scars and Villainy. Check out the video below and grab your tickets for the hype-train! CHOO CHOOO! Ok, that was lame, I apologize for that… but still, you should really watch this video.

This video gives us an idea of how missions will play out as well as how emergent world events happen and how we can expect to traverse the world. Personally, I’m not sure how much I’ll get done in this game, because being able to fly around like Iron Man is fucking badass. Seriously, Iron Man has been out for a decade and we’re just now getting a game like this??

During E3 EA took us on a tour of Anthem and divulged a ton of information relating to freelancers and their Javelins. They come in 4 different classes; The Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and Interceptor, and will be customizable (to an extent).

Anthem Screenshot

They also detailed how the story will work with the MMO aspect of the game. It’s no secret that inspiration for Anthem clearly came from Destiny. However, while Anthem might share a lot with Destiny, the studio also stated that Anthem owes just as much credit to Mass Effect’s multiplayer aspects.

Anthem will feature endgame activities and content similar to that of Destiny, which will hopefully give players the drive to keep coming back. While Anthem may share mechanics and gameplay with Mass Effect, Bioware has made it clear that it will not have the usual romance options we have come to expect from one of their titles.

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Anthem will (supposedly) launch on February 22, 2019, for PS4, XBoxOne, and PC, and is available to pre-order now!

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