Christopher Robin is joining in the nostalgia trend as he goes home again to reunite with some cute and cuddly pals, and there’s plenty of “Pooh” puns in the latest trailer for the movie.

Ewan McGregor (naturally progressing from his roles in Star Wars and Trainspotting) plays a middle-aged Christopher Robin enjoying all the joys of growing and seeing the memories his childhood adventures getting darker each day as he finds his demanding job takes away from his family quite a lot.

This grey reality changes one day, however when Winnie The Pooh, Tiger and Eeyore decide to visit their pal in the city, things getting funny and probably a bit heartwarming.

Of course, the forgetful and clumsy Winnie The Pooh has lost all his pals in London and needs the help of Christopher Robin to find them.

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Getting for another family comedy with some fun bits for the kids and some fun bits for the adults when Christopher Robin hits on August 3, 2018.

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