The Xbox Store page for Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game, DayZ, has been put live, is this an indication of an impending release?

Spotted by a user over on the /r/DayZ subreddit, the Game Preview page for DayZ is live which could suggest that the game’s release on Xbox One is imminent, as both Larry ‘Major Nelson’ Hyrb and many other gamers are currently playing the game.

DayZ has been “coming soon” to Xbox One and PS4 for some time now. Previously, Bohemia Interactive stated that the game would only be coming to consoles once the PC version was finished – which is it very, very far from. With the launch of Game Preview on Xbox One this, of course, gives the company a chance to release the game in beta, which it has been on PC since 2013.

While the game can’t be purchased or pre-ordered via the store, the listing does show that the Xbox edition of DayZ has Xbox One X enhancements and support for “4K Ultra HD”.

DayZ Screenshot

Meanwhile, the PC version of DayZ is set to get the 0.63 update, which will bring a number of fixes as well as the return of unconscious state, as well as the M4A1 and Mosin,”alongside numerous scopes”. The full details of the upcoming patch into the Stress Test branch can be found here.

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