D3 Publisher has released the first English trailer for Earth Defense Force 5, and it looks even more ridiculous than previous entries.

Earth Defense Force is a game where the player defends the world from aliens, but these are no ordinary aliens, oh no. They take the appearance of ants, spiders, and even frogs, each nastier than the last. Fortunately, the Earth Defense Force is here to save the day, for the fifth time.

In this trailer, you get to see all the above, including a giant frog with a machine gun. Though you’ve got to hand it to whoever made this trailer, they’ve really managed to encapsulate the panic you feel when you come face first against a swarm of a hundred or so giant ants thrusting fire out of their arses.

The trailer also shows that the character classes are returning as are the game’s mecha which will at least give EDF a fighting chance.

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Earth Defense Force 5 is “coming soon” to the west. So that’s something, I guess.

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