Niantic Labs has revealed that Pokémon Go‘s Dortmund Safari Zone and equator-exclusive Pokémon Corsola can now be found in the wild throughout Europe, and fans aren’t happy.

This weekend the Dortmund Safari Zone took place in Dortmund, Germany, an event which acts as an apology for the Pokémon Go Fest which ended in disaster last year. However, once again things didn’t go swimmingly.

Much like Pokémon Go Fest, the Dortmund Safari Zone saw similar technical issues due to over 50,000 people jumping on the game hoping to find some of the event’s exclusive Pokémon including Corsola, who was previously only available in regions around the equator. Fortunately this was a free event so people weren’t too out of pocket. However, to apologise for the hiccup, Niantic Labs has made this exclusive Pokémon available across Europe.

As you can imagine, despite the event being free, many people spent money to travel to the Pokémon Go event be it fuel or flights and accommodation. So to make one of the things that was the main draw for the event available to everyone in Europe, regardless if they attended the event or not, has left a bitter taste in people’s mouths.

The replies to the above Tweet is just a taste of some of the reactions people have had to this news and once again has people losing faith in Niantic’s ability to actually hold a decent Pokémon Go event.

Though let’s be honest, it’s not really Niantic’s fault. With networks only being able to handle so much traffic at once, it’s obvious that they’re going to clog up, especially when over 50,000 people are using mobile data to try and catch virtual monsters.

For those who sat comfortably in their own homes this past weekend, you can now catch Corsola in Pokémon Go for the next 48 hours.

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