In what might be the weirdest FIFA 19 announcement, EA Sports has confirmed that they won’t be including VAR in the latest iteration of the football sim.

VAR, for those of you who are uninitiated in the finer developments of the sport, stands for Video Assistant referee. The goal (heh sports) is to limit the amount of missed or incorrect decisions in the game, as the referee will be advised to go and check their decision via a 3rd party. They’ll then leave the pitch and watch a tiny little TV, like when your teacher rolled out the TV back in the 90’s. VAR is already bathed in controversy after the World Cup and a fair few… interesting decisions.

The reason why this announcement makes fuck all sense is fairly obvious. FIFA 19 doesn’t need VAR. The game can’t make an incorrect decision due to it knowing the position of everything at all times. If you score an offside goal, it’s never gonna count as the referee can’t incorrectly give the decision. There’ll be no dodgy penalty calls, as the game knows the exact position of the foul.

Fifa 19 Screenshot

The inclusion of VAR would ultimately boil down to an annoying downtime, while a cutscene plays even though a decision has already been made. Matt Prior, creative director for FIFA 19, had some interesting things to say to our friends over at Eurogamer.

“If there is that anticipation moment in real football that becomes a thing – and if we wanted to create that in our game because of authenticity… if it didn’t happen in our game and it’s happening all the time in the real game, arguably you could say we’re missing a part of the football fabric. So it might then be something we want to do.”.

So there you have it, folks. If VAR becomes critical to the beautiful game, then we might be seeing it in future FIFA games, but for now, FIFA 19 will remain pure.

Now, where do I start the petition to have a Vuvuzela button included in FIFA 19..?

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