Fortnite players have started a petition for Epic Games to introduce probably the most constitutionally British thing in the game: The ability to thank the bus driver.

In a petition over on, creator Kody Keddie is calling for Epic Games to offer an ability for players to “thank” the bus driver before they jump. In the petition they write:

“Since I was just a boy I have always loved jumping out of the battle bus, but all this time I have felt something was missing. And that thing is the ability to thank the driver of the battle bus, he or she is truly a great person and they provide us a great service, I think it is time we can truly appreciate thair [sic] service, don’t you agree?”

Currently, the petition is sitting at 5,242 signatures with more being added by the minute. Whether or not Epic Games will actually listen is another question.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges

As for things that are actually coming to the game, Fortnite is set to celebrate its first birthday next week with a series of challenges that’ll reward players with free cosmetic content. Kicking off on July 24, players will be able to earn emoticons, sprays, and bling.

The challenges are as follows:

  • Deal 1,000 damage to opponents to unlock the Fortnite Birthday Emoticon
  • Dance at different birthday cakes to unlock the Happy Birthday Spray
  • Play 14 matches to unlock 5,000 XP.
  • Complete all 3 challenges to earn the Birthday Cake Back Bling

The game’s Save the World campaign mode is also getting a new Fortnite Birthday questline that’ll reward players with the Birthday Brigade Ramirez Hero. Players will also be able to earn Birthday Llamas which will contain Heroes and weapons from all events held earlier in the year.

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