Fortnite‘s rocket launch has caused several rifts to appear on the map which have been consuming certain landmarks and putting them out into the real world.

Following the rocket launch in Fortnite which saw an absolutely gigantic crack to appear in the sky, players are beginning to notice certain things are missing from the map. This first occurred when the sign at Lonely Lodge disappeared. This was then followed by other landmarks such as a part of the Motel sign being ripped into oblivion, the Tomato Town head, the NOMMS sign, and finally the Durrr Burger mascot.

Then something bizarre happened. The Durrr Burger mascot was found on a beach, in California. Yep, that’s right, it appeared in the real world. While we’re not entirely sure what this means, but thankfully a professional photographer Sela Shinoli was on hand to take some snaps:

It’s likely that this is part of some Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that is taking place ahead of Season 5 which begins on July 12 at 9 AM UK Time which is 4 AM Eastern, 1 AM Pacific so we don’t have too long to wait.

In addition to all of this, Fortnite‘s social media accounts have revealed the title image for Season 5 which you can see above and below:

Now, to throw some speculation out there, there’s a good chance that Fortnite’s next season will be based around time travel. We’ve already seen the addition of the barrel gun, a gun popularised by its use in 1920s themed gangster movies.

There’s also word that Season 5’s battle pass will include an Egyptian skin further making a time-travel theme more plausible. Adding more fuel to the fire an old horse carriage has found its way into the game, which you can see in the image below:

Fortnite Battle Royale Horse Carriage Season 5
Via FortniteIntel

Finally, Fortnite‘s social channels also teased the return of The Red Knight skin. Could this also hint at a historical theme, or alternatively are old skins coming back to the game?

Either way, Epic Games is certainly making Fortnite a hell of a lot more interesting for someone like me who occasionally dips in and out of the game.

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