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Get To Know We Happy Few’s New Protagonists

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We Happy Few‘s newest trailer showcases the games 3 main protagonists and the different ways they allow players to play.

Along with the introduction of these characters, the trailer also gives a new look into the creepy dystopian world We Happy Few is set in. Near the end of the trailer, we get a look into the new and improved crafting system, side quests, and skill trees.

The main characters, Sally Boyle, Arthur Hastings, and Ollie give players the chance to approach situations in a wide array of ways. Sally seems to be more of a stealth choice as she navigates the world dropping guards with her syringes before sneaking into a restricted area. Arthur is the more familiar of the three as we’ve seen him in previous trailers. He’s still the tinkerer we have seen in past showings, and this newest trailer brings that passion of his to the forefront. Instead of confronting enemies head-on, he prefers to build his way out of a situation. Players that prefer to craft weapons or hack terminals will most likely gravitate towards this character. Finally, Ollie is the type of character that doesn’t give a shit who sees him. He runs into a room, guns blazing, shooting first and asking questions later. It seems Ollie will give players the ability to craft a plethora of explosives that allow them to take out large groups of enemies at once.

Since We Happy Few‘s reveal back at E3 2016, we’ve seen the game undergo a complete overhaul. Compulsion Games indie title was initially constructed around Arthur’s crafting system and gameplay which seemed to offer little in terms of variety or story. It was also supposed to be a Microsoft exclusive, which has since changed. After it’s Early Access launch however, Compulsion Games saw that players were asking for more of a story coupled with the survival-focused experience. Due to this, Compulsion Games pulled the ability to pre-order the title and went to work overhauling everything we have come to know about the game.

Now, We Happy Few offers completely reworked skill trees and a more in-depth, fleshed out story. We went from having just Arthur as a playable character to having Arthur, Sally, and Ollie. A Playstation 4 version was announced, and combat mechanics were added to give more variety to the gameplay. The trailer shows off all of these new and improved systems, and while it is still a survival focused title, we can see nods towards games like Bioshock shining through; which is by no means a bad thing.

We got hands-on with We Happy Few at E3 2018, so make sure to check out our first-hand impressions of the newest build

We Happy Few drops on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC August 10!

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