Abbey Games has today announced their brand new game, Godhood, an upcoming strategy God game set to launch in 2019.

From the makers of Reus and Renown Explorers comes Godhood, a game in which players attempt to strategically grow their own religion from the ground-up by managing their followers and also taking-down other deities.

Unlike other God games, Godhood won’t allow players to interact with their followers directly, instead, they’ll gently encourage them to choose certain paths, whether it’s to spread love and peace, or gluttony and war. These virtues and vices will be what makes their religions spread across the isometric lands, but it won’t be without conflict.

There’ll be other deities looking to put an end to your religion and take the power back, so players will need to face their rivals and followers in ritual combat. “Known as ‘Sacraments’, player’s followers will need to prove their worth through the use of awe, persuasion or brute force,” explains the press release.

The first trailer for Godhood has also been released, which you can see below:

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Godhood is set to hit PC in 2019.

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