R.L. Stine, best known for his Goosebumps and Fear Street book series, has signed a deal to write a series of four graphic novels for BOOM! Studios’ KaBoom! imprint.

Although the name of the series and artists involved have not been announced, the series was described as “supernatural middle grade,” so it seems as if this new series will be in line with Stine’s regular fare.

Stine has added that, “I’m so lucky to have been able to scare so many generations of kids. Now I feel lucky to be going just beyond Goosebumps to a whole new medium of fright and chilling laughs. I’m hoping that BOOM! is the sound of an explosion of fun in a whole new world for me.”

In the past, Stine has talked about making comics as a kid and realizing he had no drawing talent–so he turned to writing instead. His foray into comics with Marvel’s Man-Thing and this new venture feels, to him, like coming full circle.”

The first book of the unnamed series is expected to be out in Fall 2019.

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