Drinkbox Studios has announced that its luchador Metroidvania title, Guacamelee 2, will be launching on PS4 and PC on August 21.

Guacamelee 2 is set to expand on the original game by bringing a whole host of new levels, enemies, characters, and gameplay mechanics for players to get their Mexican Wrestling teeth into. The game will see the return of our hero Juan Aguacate attempting to put a stop to an evil luchador, ruler of a parallel timeline.

“We asked our inner skeletons what we should do for Guac 2,” said Augusto Quijano, Concept Lead at Drinkbox Studios. “We couldn’t decide whether to add Better Moves, More Interesting Platforming, Timeline Travel, Chicken Powers, or New Puns, so we added it all!”

As mentioned above,  Guacamelee 2 will feature plenty of new moves for players to get to grips with as well as a bunch of new abilities for Juan’s Chicken Form. The game’s new world will be insanely colorful too once again inspired by Mexican folklore each full of secrets and additional, optional content.

Guacamelee 2 will also feature four-player drop-in co-op where players can join (and leave) their friends at any point in the game to offer a helping hand.

Check out the release date announcement trailer below for a glimpse of what to expect:

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