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Iron Fist Season 2 Release Date and Daughters of the Dragon Teased!

During the Iron Fist Panel at SDCC 2018, it was announced that Iron Fist Season 2 will premiere on Netflix on September 7!

This new season looks to improve on the combat elements from Season 1. It will feature fights choreographed by Black Panther and Creed choreographer Clayton Barber. On top of that, Iron Fist Season 2 will guest star Simone Missick (Misty Knight) and Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness) as Typhoid Mary alongside Jessica Henwick (Colleen Wing) and Finn Jones (Danny Rand).

Netflix also debuted new footage from the upcoming season during the panel. The short clip showed Rand using his new and improved fighting skills to stop an alleyway robbery. During the clip, his voiceover states, “A war is brewing. This is my city now. It’s my duty to protect it. And I’m not letting it down.” *Cue dramatic music*

Head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, said one of their goals was to “up the game” in regards to the show’s fight choreography. During an exclusive clip, Rand took out an entire crew of baddies, displaying his new and improved fighting style for the show.

The clip in question showed Rand hanging out in the middle of the street with his lower face covered, wearing a hoodie. Rand holds up his hand, the truck stops, before the driver floors it. Rand side steps and delivers an iron-fist into the front end of the truck, displacing the front wheels. He then proceeds to deliver an ass-whooping to the rest of the crew in the truck, nimbly dodging gunfire, and finishing the fight by iron-fisting the ground. He goes knuck-deep in that pavement; debilitating the bad guys and setting off nearby car alarms.

Ironfist Season 1 screencap

Henwick went on to tease the Daughters of the Dragon show. This new show would include fan favorites Misty Knight and Colleen Wing kicking ass and taking names. An exclusive clip showed the two fighting alongside each other before breaking off and dealing out their own forms of punishment in separate fights. Colleen takes on two skilled women while Misty knocks a guy off his motorcycle with her bionic metal arm.

Then, another clip was shown that showcased the two taking on the machete-wielding Typhoid Mary, a comics villain that will be new to the Marvel live-action universe.

During the panel, Henwick stated, “Seeing these two badasses together, I think these fans are going to love.” Following this, Missick said her role in Iron Fist Season 2 was synonymous with Colleen’s in Luke Cage Season 2:

“Misty comes to Iron Fist season 2, where Colleen is kind of in a similar headspace (to Misty in Luke Cage Season 2); she’s not really sure where she is in the world, where she fits in terms of helping her community, and Misty’s there to tell her to pick herself up.” Missick went on to say, “And there’s no BS between these two; it’s not like them sitting on the couch like, ‘Oh my god, what’s up with you and Danny?’…That’s the best thing about these two women’s relationship.”

Iron Fist Season 2 Production Still
Marvel’s Iron Fist

Yet another clip showed a flashback at K’un-Lun. In this clip, Sacha D’hawan’s Davos faced off against Danny to see which would face the dragon and become the next Iron Fist. The two put on similar yellow masks, which got some cheers from the crowd and faced off in a brutal ritual fight. By the end of the fight, both were covered in blood. In a separate clip, Davos’s fist begins to light up hearkening another tease from the comics; Steel Serpent will be coming to Iron Fist‘s second season.

For those that can’t remember, Iron Fist Season 1 was not the most warmly received Marvel/Netflix show. However, reactions from Iron Fist Season 2 seem to be rather positive so here’s hoping they learned from their mistakes. Hopefully, this improved quality translates across the entirety of Season 2, and not just sporadically placed for our viewing pleasure.

Iron Fist Season 2 premieres on Netflix September 7.

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